iCaller, alternativa al dialer di iPhone

It would be a bit extreme and unfair to say that the stock Phone app in iOS is inefficient, but the fact of the matter is that it can use a few improvements to make it more robust. Look at its method of retrieving and searching for contacts, as an instance. You cannot look for contacts using their phone numbers as input. Similarly, it lacks smart dial, so when a user begins dialing a number, no automatic suggestions are generated to indicate the contacts which are associated with the entered number string. If you find all these things inconvenient, iCaller is the perfect solution. This iPhone app brings the famous T9 mode to your iDevice’s dialer, and ensures that you get auto suggestions as you go about dialing numbers on your phone. This is just one feature of this impressive app, and you can find out the rest by heading past the break.

Download iCaller per iPhone

Via Addictive Tips

iCaller, alternativa al dialer di iPhone



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